Thursday, May 14, 2009

slipped rib scarf

Slipped Rib Scarf

Knit this Scarf bigger for a cozy wrap or small (as pictured) to wear wrapped around your neck.

Yarn: You can use any weight you prefer. I used two skeins of an aran weight cotton yarn, Araucania Pomaire, colorways 4 & 7. I had more than half a skein leftover of the green/yellow/purple colorway.

Needle: With an aran weight yarn, I used US 10 circular needles for a loose drapey fabric. I recommend using larger needles for any given yarn to get the most out of a yarn's yardage and to create a fabric with nice drape.

Slipped Rib Stitch:
Row 1 (WS): Purl all sts
Row 2 (RS): K1, *wyif Sl1, wyib K1, repeat from * for slipped rib stitch

K: Knit
P: Purl
yo: yarn over
Sl: slip (stitches in slipped rib stitch are always slipped purlwise)
wyif: with yarn in front
wyib: with yarn in back
RS: Right Side
WS: Wrong Side
CO: Cast On
St: Stitch

CO with your favorite triangular shawl cast on.
I usually CO 5 sts and do the following 2 set up rows...
Row 1 (WS): K2, yo, P1, yo, K2
Row 2 (RS): K2, yo, K1, yo, K1(this is the center st), yo, K1, yo, K2

Row 3 (WS): K2, purl to last 2 sts, K2
Row 4 (RS): K2, yo, work the RS row of slipped rib stitch until you get get to center stitch, yo, K1, yo, work in the slipped rib stitch again to last 2 sts, yo, K2

Repeat rows 3 & 4 being careful that all the Knit sts are stacked on top of each other and all the slipped sts are stacked on top of each other on the RS of the shawl. This will mean that on one right side row you start the slipped stitch pattern with a knit stitch and on the next right side row the slipped stitch pattern begins with a slipped stitch.

Work shawl until desired length leaving a couple inches free for a garter stitch border.
I knit 8 rows while maintaining the 4 yo sts every other row.
Cast off, weave in ends, and enjoy!

(My cotton shawl ended up being about 20 inches in length from the cast on edge to the pointy tip, and the width or wingspan of my shawl is roughly 48 inches across)


CassieMarie said...

Looks Great!
I love the color combo!

Alabamama said...

This is the best looking triangular shawl I've seen. I love the ribbed pattern and am going stash diving right now for some (thank goodness) summery yarn. Thanks so much for the pattern!

Mary (aka Mina) said...

beautiful in its simplicity.