Friday, August 7, 2009

daybreak pattern

The Daybreak shawl pattern is now available!

The link below can be used to purchase this pattern for $6.00.

Daybreak is a semicircular shawl, featuring clear graphic stripes that echo a rising sun. The generous wingspan allows the fabric to drape comfortably around your shoulders and neck. There is plenty of room to play with color in the three sections of this arched shawl.

The shawl is written up in three sizes from a small kerchief version to a larger shawl to wrap around your shoulders or neck. I used US size 4 needles with fingering weight yarn.

The pattern has been test knit by wonderful knitters. Their versions along with mine can all be seen over on Ravelry

I had a great time working on this pattern and knitting with Schoppel Wolle Zauberball on the large shawl

and Malabrigo Sock on the small and medium shawl.


Fee said...

It's a nice shawl. An my son likes the slipped rib scarf. I think i have to knit one for the next winter ;-)

Greetings from germany


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Congratulations on a really unique and cool design!

Dk's Wife said...

That is very pretty! :)

troy and christina said...

Very beautiful design!

allou said...

Oh Stephen, your designs are yummy. Many congrats from a lady knitting for many years. What a craftsman, thanks for sharing with us! Greetings from Denmark

cecilerosejasmin said...

hi I am a french knitter I have seen 3 weeks ago the daybreak shawl at the ravelry meetup in alsaceand i wanted to tell you that it really a nice pattern ... bravo !I will have to knit it for this winter!!

Judy Broswick said...

this really is a sexy man shawl :) Great job... in my favourites for sure!

Sussu said...

Beautiful work.
Greetings from Brasil


Pilar said...

Hello, I have problems with the boss of this shawl.
I would need that you me were clarifying with all the points is begun in the first return, I do not understand this. Please if you could clarify me ... I bought the boss in raverly, but I do not understand the explanations in English you could to catch on a little.... THANK YOU

lc said...

What colors did you use for your purple and golds Daybreak? Very beautiful.