Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's been awhile

I'm going to try to keep up with blogging. I stopped back in April and then I think just got overwhelmed by all the projects that passed without blog attention. So, I'm going to start up again with my recent knitting adventures and occasionally add in some other good knits since April.

Most recently I finished the Baby Cables and Big Ones Too sweater by adding neck modifications a few days ago. I was very pleased with my mod.

Before the mod, the neck was a wide boat-like neck which looked nice in other women's sweaters, but I don't like this neck for me because it shows a lot of the shirt you wear underneath and doesn't feel sturdy on the shoulders and neck.


I picked up stitches on either side of the neck, knit them in garter stitch while knitting on the new strip to the front and back sides, then picked up stitches all around the neck and knit in stockinette for a rolled brim. There are written instructions to my modifications at the end of this post.


Pattern: Baby Cables and Big Ones Too by Suvi S.
Yarn: part of a 1250g cone of 100% New Wool from Hunters of Brora in Scotland
Needles: US 8 throughout and US 6 (for neck mods)
Started: December 11, 2008
Completed: December 21, 2008

I got some nice pictures of the sweater outside, on the sunny day after most of the snow melted.

In about 6 hours from now I'm driving with my mom and step-dad to Tulsa, OK to see one of my brothers and my niece I haven't met (my other brother's daughter, he's over in Iraq) So, I scouted out some cute baby patterns on Ravelry to make for her. I have to pick a bunch of yarn from my stash to take with me so I can have whatever I need for the pattern I choose. I downloaded podcast episodes of Cast On and Lime & Violet to entertain me in the car with my knitting. I'll have a lot more knitting to share soon, especially with this nice long holiday break from school.

Here are the neck modifications...

Neck Modifications 12/28/08:
Pick up and knit 18 sts (RS of sweater) at the side neck edges using US sz 6 needles. Knit back and forth in garter stitch by doing the following…

next row (WS): Pick up the next stitch from the front of the sweater or back (dependent on which side is worked first) and knit it together with the first stitch of the row and then knit to last stitch and knit it together with a picked up stitch from the front or back of sweater. (18 sts)

next row (RS): Knit one row, decreasing one stitch at each end. (16 sts)

Repeat those 2 rows 3 more times (10 sts) The last row knit was the RS.

Repeat that process on the other side. When the other side is caught up, pick up stitches along the front and back and continue to knit on the RS, knitting the picked up stitches from the front and back and the other side’s 10 sts. Continue to work in the round for about an inch in St st on US sz 6 needles to create a roll brimmed neck edge.

I ended up with about 80 sts or so. Then, choose a flexible bind off. I used sz 8 needles for the BO.

I’m sure I could have started with a smaller amount of neck sts at the beginning of this project, but this modification afterwards looks just fine. The garter stitch rows on either side of the neck run perpendicular to those rows on the front and back instead of connecting all around like the rest of the yoke, but that doesn’t bother me. It’s a little design feature. This sweater feels much sturdier now and more secure on my shoulders.


JohnK said...

Well done on the modifications.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I bought this pattern and havent knit it yet but when I do i would like to use your version it looks much better:)Hugs Darcy

Kyle William said...

love the color of the sweater - and you did a great job modifying it... I agree with you - the boat neck doesn't do anything for me either!

I hope to see more blogging by you in 2009 :)

Spouse Walker said...

looks terrific