Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Seattle Recap Part 1

I am back home from my wonderful trip to the Pacific Northwest. My flight to Chicago was a couple hours delayed, resulting in more knitting time and a finished new design. In some blog posts and tweets, I may refer to new projects and designs flying off the needles, but you all will have to wait until this fall/winter to see what I'm talking about. With all this secret knitting, I'll try to still have some projects and photos to share and perhaps some sneak peaks in the meantime so keep a look out.

Anway, back to the trip. My first stop was at Village Yarn and Tea in Lake Forest Park, WA.

Victoria's shop was cozy and inviting with all those tables for knitting and drinking some of the best tea I've ever had. I was kindly greeted by a display of my designs accompanied by some beautiful photography books. One of the books was a collection of photos by Karl Blossfeldt, whose work I love! If you're not familiar with him, I recommend looking at many of his photos. I'm sure you will be intrigued.

I always enjoy seeing other knitters' versions of my designs and sharing my own samples in person. I managed to bring along all my shawls, hats, and neckwarmers, which surprisingly fit in a large backpack.

I want to thank Victoria and Elsa again for hosting and entertaining me for my first few days in Seattle. Victoria showed me around Seattle where we visited Pike's Place Market, ran around Green Lake, enjoyed salted carmel ice cream at Molly Moon's, and encountered a giant troll under a bridge.

That's me helping him knit my new Daybreak shawl. Yes, another Daybreak. I keep giving them away, but this new one is Cashmere so fortunately it should be awfully hard to part with. I'll get some photos of it to share soon.

I love meeting new people, especially knitters, and this trip was no exception. Now, I have time to settle back into my home again, but another little trip is coming up soon. I'll be in Minneapolis April 16-18 for the Minnesota Knitter's Guild's 24th annual Yarnover Event Saturday, April 17. I'll be hanging out at Yarn Garage with my trunk show and patterns on Friday and Sunday. I'll also be at the Yarn Garage booth for Saturday's Yarnover event.

I have a lot more to share about Seattle, but I'll save it for later posts.

One last photo though. This one is Elsa, a regular at Village Yarn & Tea, with me wearing her Herbivore. She was lucky I didn't take the scarf home with me, it matching perfectly with my jacket and all.

Monday, March 15, 2010

sundara windschief

I haven't been sharing much of my knitting recently, but I can share the latest Windschief hat I made for a friend's birthday.

I used Sundara Merino Worsted, which I love to work with. Sundara's colorways are some of the best because they have so much depth and layering within the colors. I particularly love this glowing yellow-green colorway.

My red Sundara Windschief is the hat I wear most, especially after it relaxed from so much wear. So, today I started a matching red Windschief cowl in Sundara's Trumpeter's Lullaby colorway.

I don't know if it's the twisted ribbing or something else, but Windschief and Herbivore are probably my two most worn knit items these days. I'm sure that will change soon with all the new projects I have on the needles. How about you all? Do you have favorite knits that you tend to wear all the time?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

march happenings

March is quite the busy month this year. I've been spending a lot of time away from home, but I can't complain because I'm getting to travel to some exciting new places!

The first week of March was spent in Amsterdam, dancing, seeing some performances, and meeting several wonderful people and new friends.

I can even relate the trip to knitting! I found a cute yarn shop called de Afstap filled with Rowan yarn. They had a couple other brands, but primarily Rowan. So, I got some fuzzy alpaca/wool and their new recycled Rowan PureLife Revive to try out some new designs.

I also started another Herbivore to serve as my travel project. I finished surprisingly fast, resulting in my yarn purchases at de Afstap. The yarn is uncharacteristically bright compared to my usual color palette and it's 100% BFL fingering weight from an indie dyer on etsy. I'll share more photos on ravelry when it's blocked.

I also managed to find a local knitting group that meets at a gorgeous cafe by one of Amsterdam's canals. It was a wonderfully diverse and interesting group of knitters and I hope I get to knit with them again soon!

After my week in Europe, I had to come back for rehearsals gearing up towards a dance performance in Chicago this weekend. The performances were held at Links Hall, which is a great space for independent artists to present work. I'm headed home to Urbana tomorrow, but only for a few days before my Seattle trip!

I'll be in the Seattle area for about 10 days. My first stop will be at Village Yarn and Tea Shop in Lake Forest Park, WA this Saturday, March 20. I"ll be at the shop all day with a trunk show of my designs. I'll also be teaching a little workshop all about shawls!

The next week I will be taking a week of workshops with Cat Bordhi on San Juan Island, focusing on book design and publishing because I'm working on a pattern booklet to be released later this year! I will share more bits of information and perhaps some sneak peaks as this project progresses. In the meantime, I'll be sure to share photos of my knitting adventures in the Pacific Northwest.

Wrapping up my trip will be another event at Wild Fibers in Mt. Vernon, WA Sunday, March 28. I'll have a trunk show of my designs as well as another shawl workshop Sunday afternoon. If you're in the Seattle area, I would love to meet you soon at one of these events!