Sunday, July 26, 2009

malabrigo sock and new rowan booklet

I got a couple new colorways (Primavera and Aguas) of Malabrigo Sock yesterday at Nina.

I'm making progress on Carmen from Malabrigo Book 1. It's their chunky yarn in the Charrua colorway. The pullover knit up quickly as it is chunky on size US 15s and the shaping/construction is very minimal. I'm making it as a sample for Malabrigo.

In exchange for knitting this pullover, I received 6 skeins of a new test yarn, Malabrigo Superwash worsted in the Archangel colorway.

I absolutely love this yarn and I think it's even softer than Malabrigo's regular worsted! The colors are a little vibrant and pink/purpley for me so I'm trying to find someone else who wants to trade their Malbrigo Superwash Worsted in more subdued colors.

I also got Rowan's new booklet, The Lima Collection.

There are four men's patterns in it. I also like one of the women's patterns that I could modify to work for me. However, my favorite is the brown cardigan.

I think I might modify the collar and just make it a V neck. Anyway, I won't use Lima because that would cost too many hundreds of dollars, but I'll be looking for a yarn substitute. I definitely love the Lima yarn and plan to use it for a smaller project, just not a men's cabled cardigan.

I also like the blue cabled sweater in the booklet.

I wrote up a new pattern called Daybreak and it is currently being test knit by several wonderful knitters.

The pattern should be available in a couple weeks or so.


Leah said...

Those Daybreaks are breathtaking. Can't wait for the pattern to come out!

sko_G knits said...

it's really pretty

WillyG said...

you need to stop making me drool! Thanks to you, I've had malabrigo on the brain lately! Too bad the LYS's don't carry many of their colorways...

Oh, and this is rather off the subject, but i was looking over your previous blogs, and you inspired me to fix via felting my own version of the pullover vest by Michael del Vecchio. It is currently a little large, so I don't wear it as much as I could. I think that's all the Malabrigo this boy has got at the moment!!

Fanny said...

The shawl is simply stunning, exactly what I was looking for to make a dent in my Sundara stash. Love me some stripes! Can`t wait for this to come out.

véronique said...

Ce chale Daybreaks est magnifique !
J'adore !

Jennifer Leigh said...

Jeez, if you still want to trade that archangel worsted, let me know what you want. Feel free to stash dive (I'm Jennigma on Ravelry) or let me know what you would like and I'll try to acquire it. archangel is my favorite Malabrigo colorway, and I found your page googling to see if it existed in worsted weight. :-)