Thursday, August 13, 2009

blog posts about daybreak

There has been great reception to the new Daybreak shawl pattern. I really appreciate receiving all the comments and seeing the gorgeous versions on Ravelry.

Stefanie Japel wrote a wonderful post on her blog about knitting Daybreak. She noted some wonderful tips and tricks. There's also an amazing Barry Manilow video on that post with his song appropriately called Daybreak as well.

A couple nice people over at KnitPicks started working on Daybreak as well so there's some more Daybreak talk on Nina's Blog.

I got a little westknits "fan club" started with my friend Patricia (questionable) on Ravelry to serve as a place to talk and ask questions about current patterns. There will be some new patterns, that I'm very excited about, coming this Fall.

I also started an etsy shop called westknits woolies at The shop has several accessories that I designed, some of them are projects that I'm not going to work on anymore and other items are prototypes for designs or actual samples from my designs.

I am looking forward to my move back down to Urbana on Tuesday. I'm going down there for the day tomorrow so I can try to find a job. I am not knitting at full force as Fall approaches with rehearsals and a couple classes starting. So, I have to pick and choose what I really want to work on. I was commissioned to knit a cabled hat for a small clothing company and I devoted yesterday to that project. I got to work with Karabella's Donegal Cashmere Tweed and think it made a beautifully rustic hat.


sarah said...

knowing it all started at Brigitte's shop in lil' ol' Urbana!

sarah said...

ooops. my comment was truncated... i meant to say, congrats!! it's cool to see your work reach a world-wide audience and...knowing know the rest. :)

WillyG said...

Looks like you got a beautifully ruddy sunburn! I'd assume it was the beach if you lived in Jersey or something! I just visited Loop today in Philly, and was delighted to see your Botanic Hat, arrived ten minutes before me, on display. I also picked up some yarns in my favorite colors to knit Daybreak!

Robyn said...

Your work and patterns are beautiful! I just "found" you today on Ravelry. I am looking forward to trying your patterns.
Coffee and Cotton